L.A. Judo Club

Respect | Patience | Humble

3 Core Values


Training and practice help students gain respect for themselves and others. Training involves interaction between a student and the teacher. The foundation of this relationship requires a healthy respect rooted in mutual appreciation. Students learn to respect the teachers for the experience and skills, and teachers respect them for their willingness to improve themselves.
Respect must also be considered in regard to actions directed toward oneself. In the dojo, you advance through sincere conduct and appreciaiton.


Patience is one of the most important aspects of training and development. It requires calm mindful attention balanced by rejecting anticipation.
We tend to lose sight of what truly matters in our fast paced society that expects instant gratification. We must understand that an effective process is necessary to achieve anything of value. This requires an understanding of natural accumulation through training and practice.
As one allows time to train, lasting achievement will come with effort and sacrifice.


Even the tallest tree must remain rooted or fall. The importance of being humble provides an opportunity for an individual to grow. The understanding of one’s shortcoming is the basis for improvement. If you lack humility and have an unwillingness to learn, then you place limitations on your opportunity for self-improvement.
Everyone must contend with own challenges and limitations, and accept that everyone has a blind spot. When one is grounded in humility one can improve. Humility guides an individual to reach their full potential.